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 STACKph is your reliable source of fulfilling jobs through your choice of IT-BPO companies that fits your preference.

Outsourcing Philippines

STACKph does not only supply people, we also supply what the people inside the businesses need.

Outsourcing Reduce Overhead Cost

Reduce Overhead Cost

Increase speed, flexibility and response times, and improve organizational efficiencies.

Outsourcing Increase Efficiency

Increase Efficiency

By outsourcing long/short-term projects, in-house employees have more time to focus on strategic initiatives

Outsourcing Scale Faster

Scale Faster

Outsourcing helps companies remain agile to keep up a tight, fast-paced production schedule as they scale their business.

Outsourcing Better ROI

Better ROI

Advantage of outsourcing is the time and resources you get back to use on business processes and strategic initiatives.

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For corporate junkies, this is where you write your own story, your journey to the corporate world here in the Philippines. STACKph is your reliable source of fulfilling jobs through your choice of IT-BPO companies that fits your preference.

Outsourcing Philippines

For companies, we take care of your daily needs inside your office as we supply all the necessary items that is essential to keeping your workplace up and running in its smoothest and most inviting environment.

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Outsourcing About STACKph

About STACKph

Headhunters, job placement, procurement – purchasing, and supply. Not your traditional recruitment agency and business support. We pride in building and keeping professional relationships.


Outsourcing Procurement


As Philgeps accredited supplier, we pride ourselves in meeting the demands of our clients through effectively and consistently communicating with them about their supply needs.


Outsourcing Recruitment Services

Recruitment Services

Our HR technologies, empathy and intuition will help us find you a job matched to who you are and what you really need. We will find you a job that will assist your self-development.


Why Choose STACKph

The team and its operations is spearheaded by 2 professionally linked individuals that have vast experience and an array of expertise in Talent Acquisition, IT-BPO Management, Supply Chain Management,  Training and Education, and Digital Marketing.


STACKph is not the pioneer in the fields mentioned previously but what separates us from the rest of the competition is the hunger to succeed and champion every process driven from its relentless passion in bringing comfort and ease to both business operators and its stakeholders.


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