a GDV Business Services Co.
Reliving the vision of caring and embracing employment opportunities in the IT-BPM sector here in the Philippines and Australia, a once dream was realized through the birth of STACKph, a GDV Business Services Co.

About Us

STACKph, a brand name chosen to represent the abundance of right-fit talents in all areas of the metro and countryside whilst GDV Business Services Co. is the legal business name registered in Securities and Exchange Commission. The company was registered 17th January 2019 in Pasay, City, Metro Manila Philippines.

We play on a different playing field since our goal is to serve the businesses efficiently and consistently to make sure they keep on running and that is why we not only supply people, we also supply what the people inside the businesses need.

Our Team

The ins and outs of its operations are being spearheaded by Gerald and Daisy, a happily married couple living a Christ-centered family and company who is now in their mid-30s. Both are well-experienced in managing talent sourcing and recruitment operations, obviously not the most experienced out there however, that remains to be beauty out of what others or traditional leaders may call as disadvantage. We know that for a fact simply because we firmly believe that communication is key, bureaucracy is out, and we literally live the famous song line that is “one call away”.


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